Our Programmes

The Africa Early Childhood Network works through five core programmes to guide collaborative partnership efforts towards the achievement of improved child outcomes for all children in Sub Saharan Africa:




Directing advocacy efforts towards increased resource allocation and prioritization of ECD in national and regional agendas through the support and development of regional and national advocacy strategies.

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Strengthened Partnerships

Supporting national networking that targets ECD actors from different sectors — across the public, private, and community spectrums — and the development and delivery of national plans.


Knowledge Generation

Supporting African scholars working at the intersection of research, practice and policy to advance early childhood development in the region through the facilitation of a regional research network that also engages well established global ECD scholars.

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Improved Practice

Identifying critical gaps in the availability of programme support resources, materials, and tools, and developing a regional ECD resource kit adaptable to the unique local context.


Leadership Development

Identifying and facilitating the development of professionals from different fields who aspire to become ECD champions through connecting emerging leaders with a team of recognised ECD experts to strengthen knowledge and skills.