To ensure ongoing ECD leadership development, AfECN works to identify and facilitate the development of professionals from different fields who aspire to become ECD champions.

The leadership program adopts a mentorship approach whereby emerging leaders work closely with a team of recognised ECD experts to strengthen knowledge and skills in policy and programming. Global Leaders work with their mentors to develop and implement action-oriented projects in their own communities with the objective of raising awareness on key issues and promoting quality early childhood programming. A carefully designed curriculum and toolkit helps participants develop leadership capacity and effective advocacy skills, and gain a deeper understanding of early childhood research and practice. Emerging leaders are also connected to various ECD communities of other emerging leaders, national civil society networks, and ECD experts at the regional and global level. Each cohort of professionals engage in a two-year program that includes global and regional face-to-face meetings. The World Forum Foundation is one of the key partners AfECN works with to deliver on key outcomes.

Strategic Activities

  1. Develop an Africa ECD leadership strategy.
  2. Develop a leadership development toolkit.
  3. Coordinate the Global Leaders for Africa programme.